Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Busy with work

So last week I got the best email in my inbox - a well to do baby magazine has requested some of my Sophia line for possible inclusion in an upcoming editorial piece. YEAH! I know it is not definate, but I am optimistic. I sent my the Luxe Moses basket along with two onesies and a burp cloth set - a new design. Now if only I can find my camera charger, I will put the pictures on my site.

I also sent out my Audrey Star Moses basket to a Boston based mama site for consideration for review. They have already reviewed my site - now they just need to review my basket for quality I'm sure.

In the midst of all this, I am setting up some new advertising gigs and my fabulous web designer Abby - gogogetman.com - is working on a print ad for me. I'm super excited to see what she can come up with.

Anyway, the family is back from grocery shopping so I gotta run.

Rock On!


Monday, June 11, 2007

Cake, diapers and duct tape.

Delicious, sweet confections - namely birthday cake - is what my dreams are made of as of late. Mainly because of my daughter's birthday cake - a scrumptious, over the top sweet, buttercream masterpiece which was purchased at Walmart. She hand picked herself and my husband made sure it was buttercream - I HATE whipped icing. It makes me sick. Anyway, after eating a piece after her party - then dipping into it slice by slice between runs to the kitchn, I finally finished off the day with this beauty,

Needless to say, I was bit sick after this piece. I'm sure I ate about 1/8 of the cake (it was a 1/4 sheet cake) and I'm definately feeling it when I put on my clothes. I'll have to cut back for the next few days - and the two brisk walks I took with the girls should also help. I just can't resist birthday cake.

On a different note, my little one is suffering from a pretty bad diaper rash. I have been putting cloth diapers on her to help "air" her out. Unfortunately I do not have any safety pins so I resorted to duct tape. Hey now, it sticks to anything and apparently can hold a diaper on.

Here's a shot of my cutie with her crazy diaper.

Sweet dreams and oh yeah Rock On!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Week in Review

Yesterday was my Natalie's 3rd Birthday. Crazy! I can remember holding her and singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star when she was just a few days old. Now she is almost potty trained - HURRAH!- and is a little spit fire. She is super smart and very eloquent for a little kid. The other day she asked me what movie I wanted to watch and said "Your choices are Veggie Tales and Bop-a-Lots." Quite good for a three year old.

This week I also got a nice surprise in the mail - my ad in the ReadyMaker Digest.
ReadyMaker Digest

Very Cool.

I also finished up one of my Audrey Star Moses baskets
Here's a close up of my star applique and then a shot of the finished product.

Today I dreamed of perfectly coiffed hair, the perfect red lipstick, a darling dress with puff sleeves and some dang cute Mary Janes - but alas this is what I wore. I'm a mom...(right now I'm really into dresses worn over pants).

Still cute, I'll guess it'll have to do.

Oh, I also finished my sister-in-laws baby shower gift - a custom Moses basket tricked out in sweet cream and rose fabric and soft cream chenille. I also made some darling burp cloths and onesies out the scraps to match. Here's the finished product. So CUTE I can't stand it! Her baby's name is going to Annabelle Rose - so the fabric combination is perfect for her.

I really enjoyed making this and I'm thinking of making one-offs to sell on ETSY so stay tuned for some even more fabulous baby gear.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Revamped Child's Step Stool

I know I was going to post finishing off your duvet but truth be told, I haven't finished my daughter's yet. So I am going to post this super cheap and easy project.

So I found this in the trash while visiting one of my friends.

Blue and cork - yuck!

So off I went to my local hardware store and bought some Black spray paint -Krylon- perfect for plastic.

Then it was spray time. I blasted it then blasted some more.

So here it is now.

Next, I made a pattern out of some kraft paper by laying the paper on top of the stool and following the little lip around the cork top. I traced it and cut it out of this Fabulous fabric - I just happened to have it lying around and the best part I actually got it for free.

Next, I fired up my glue gun to attach the fabric to the top of the stool. Finally, I added some black gimp - don't laugh - that's a real term. It's trim that's braided, well kind of.

Anyway, I attached the gimp to the edges of the stool to finish it off. C'est Magnifique.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Ten Years - Has it been that long?

Since having kids, time really does seem to fly by. Just this past weekend was my 10 year college reunion at Simmons College. I got to see my best friend Natalie – my daughter is named after her – for the first time in almost 3 years . The last time was when my first child was 6 weeks old. Now she is three.

The weekend started off somewhat crazy. Natalie had her last of three recitals and both sets of grandparents were able to come. She and I danced on stage together, but half way through she decided she wanted to do it herself. I still accompanied her, but stayed back so she could be center stage which she completely ate up. I know she loves performing –maybe she’ll follow in both her momma and daddy’s footsteps and join the drama club in high school.

After the performance, we went home packed and were out the door the following morning by 8am. Not too shabby considering we entertained until 10:30pm and then managed to get everyone packed and out the door. This always seems like a small feat. For those of you who have kids – I’m sure you understand.
So with my hubby and two kids in tow, we hit the open road and made it to Boston just after 12pm. I coincidentally met up with my b/f/f as soon as we got there. There were hugs and crying and more hugs with the girls. Natalie, who is a doctor in the navy, could not get over how big they have gotten and how beautiful they were.
So then is was off to get settled and then we met up with Dr. Natalie and her friend Donna at the MFA. It was a little tricky with two toddlers and much to my surprise we didn’t get kicked out. My Natalie decided to use her outside voice and sweet Olivia decided she wanted out of the stroller. We almost touched a number of furniture pieces, but luckily I used my supermom reflexes and intervened just in time.

Both Natalie and I opted out of going to the class event. $45 for wine (I really don’t drink) and some scallops wrapped in bacon – pass. I just really wanted to go dancing and spend time with her. So after a nice dinner at Chili’s (it’s kid/mess friendly) we left our apocalyptic table and went back to the dorm room where we were staying and got ready to go out. I had brought a pair of gold pumps but man did my feet hurt from walking all day – so I opted to wear my leopard flats with a pair of cute shorts and a black skull embossed tank.

We ended up going down to Landsdowne Street (our old stomping grounds). I told one of the bouncers that we were in town for a 10 year college reunion so we hadn’t been here for a thousand years. I guess it was just my insecurity of my age showing through. I was half expecting 18 year olds swarming the clubs – this really wasn’t the case. I guess coupled with the fact that it was pretty early by clubbing standards – 10:30pm and the fact that most schools were out for the summer – there really wasn’t that many people out. After passing on the Quarter – a male strip club- and few piano bars – lamo – we decided to go Avalon. It ended up being a perfect choice. Ideally we would have found a club that featured 80’s music but this was just as good. At one point the DJ mixed the Jackson’s ABC with the Humpty Song –bad ass.

After one amarato sour and a bottle of water – now that’s not nice to laugh – I already told you I wasn’t much a drinker; we decided to leave at 12:15am. This coincided with the cage dancers appearance – which was both mesmerizing and a bit disturbing.

So for a recap on the night – hit on by both 18 year olds (weird and creepy) and 45 year olds (gross me out) we went back to our plastic covered mattresses and passed out for the night. The next day we went to Faneuil hall and completely wiped out the girls – Natalie via walking and Olivia just being awake until 2:00pm. We had a nice lunch and took some fun pictures. My sweet hubby drove us all home and all three tuckered out girls (myself included) slept the majority of the way home.

I am so incredibly blessed to have such a sweet family and great friends.

Coming soon - finishing off your duvet cover and revamping a matlesse coverlet.

Rock on!